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NOVEMBER 16, 2002
Contact: C.J. Newton, CEO
Mir Internet Marketing, Inc.
(877) 735-6442

CommunityResources.net Honors the Open Directory Project with the Award of Excellence for Good Internet Citizenship.

Chicago, IL... "In these post dot-bomb days when most Internet companies are searching high and low for ways to squeeze value out of their high-budget web sites, there's one place on the web that is standing out as a shining example of how to do things right," stated C. J. Newton, CEO of Mir Internet Marketing.

The Open Directory Project (DMOZ), located at http://dmoz.org, is the most comprehensive directory of information available on the Internet. To achieve this status, DMOZ began with the simplest concept and has stuck to its roots since day one. The concept is "humans do it better," and DMOZ has proven its case.

"Tapping into people's desire to belong to a community as well as their desire to contribute to something important in their lives, the Open Directory Project exemplifies one of our founding principles, Good Internet Citizenship." Mr. Newton continues, "The value of a directory is directly related to the number and quality of entries in the directory. It's simple: for a directory to be useful, it must be comprehensive, and for it to be comprehensive, it must be free."

In order to build the most comprehensive directory of web sites on the Internet, DMOZ seeks qualified volunteer editors, who scour the web for quality, useful content on a daily basis. There are no fees involved, and no paid editors. What the Open Directory has accomplished will be remembered for centuries as the web becomes more and more ubiquitous. DMOZ stands as the foundation, and with luck and focus, will continue to evolve far into the future.

CommunityResources.net honors the Open Directory project with the Award of Excellence for Good Internet Citizenship, presented on November 16, 2002.

CommunityResources.net exists to break down the barriers, which prevent access to mental health and disability organizations and professionals, by providing easy access to good information in a non-threatening and completely private environment.

Jonathan Ashton, Co-Founder of Mir Internet Marketing, states, "One of the primary reasons that Internet directories are not comprehensive is because most Internet directories are directories of web sites, not directories of actual organizations. In other words, a business or organization has to first build a web site, and then be included in a directory. We build CommunityResources.net for free in order to help people find the thousands of helpful organizations that do not have web sites, and because a resource has to be comprehensive to be useful, and it has to be free for it to be comprehensive."

To learn more about our concept of Good Internet Citizenship, read Good Internet Citizenship - The Key to Internet Marketing Success, by C. J. Newton. For further information about CommunityResources.net, or its sister service TherapistFinder.net, contact C.J. Newton at (877) 735-6442 or email cnewton@communityresources.net.

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