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P.O. Box 445
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016
office phone: M-F, 9-5 (847) 824-0382
24 Hour Crisis Line / Voice: (847) 824-4454
24 Hour Crisis Line / TTY - TDD: (847) 824-0189
e-mail: jpivar@life-span.org
web: www.life-span.org

LIFE SPAN Services:

  • Crisis Line - Staffed by trained volunteers who listen and present viable options and resources, including shelter referral. ALWAYS OPEN.
  • Legal Advocacy - Trained advocates accompany women to criminal court and provide support and information about the laws. Attorneys also represent women in civil court.
  • Individual or Group Counseling - Counselors who specialize in helping victims of domestic violence provide short-term intervention to help women identify their feelings and promote their abilities to make choices. Groups provide an opportunity for women to share their experiences and discover the resources and options available to them.
  • Children's Services - Counseling assists children whose mothers are battered. Children are taught to develop non-violent self expression and conflict resolution skills.
  • A special group for victims whose abusers are police officers is available.
  • LIFE SPAN offers services in SPANISH and ENGLISH.

How to know if you or someone you know is abused.

Emotional abuse is when an intimate partner has...

  • continually criticized you, called you names or shouted at you
  • insulted or driven away your friends or family
  • humiliated you in private or public
  • kept you from working, controlled your money or made all the decisions
  • refused to work or to share money
  • taken car keys or money from you
  • regularly threatened to leave or told you to leave
  • threatened to kidnap the children when the abuser was angry with you
  • abused pets to hurt you
  • manipulated you with lies and contradictions

Physical abuse is when an intimate partner has...

  • pushed or shoved you
  • held you to keep you from leaving
  • slapped or bitten you
  • kicked or choked you
  • hit or punched you
  • thrown objects at you
  • locked you out of the house
  • abandoned you in dangerous places
  • refused to help you when you were sick, injured or pregnant
  • forced you off the road or driven recklessly
  • threatened to hurt you with a weapon

Sexual abuse is when an intimate partner has...

  • minimized the importance of your feelings about sex
  • criticized you sexually
  • insisted on unwanted or uncomfortable touching
  • withheld sex and affection
  • forced sex after physical abuse or when you were sick
  • raped you
  • been jealously angry, assuming you would have sex with anyone
  • insisted that you dress in a more sexual way than you wanted
Domestic Violence Survival Sheet

If your husband, boyfriend or domestic partner has ever been violent, it is likely to happen again. So even though you may be afraid, NOW is the time to prepare for another attack.

REMEMBER that your safety and the safety of your children depends on your readiness to act.

Before it happens again...
Contact a domestic violence agency to find out what you can do the next time your husband, boyfriend or domestic partner is violent. BEGIN TO COLLECT ITEMS NOW so that if you leave, you will have the things you need. Pack a suitcase and store it with a neighbor. Have quick access to important items such as car title and keys (make an extra set), birth certificates, lease, marriage license, public aid ID and medical cards, records of your husband's income, a list of friends' phone numbers, credit cards, blank checks and bank notes.

During an attack...
a law requires the police to protect and assist you, and to see that you are taken to a safe place.

After an Attack...
Tell the hospital staff who hurt you. Ask for pictures to be taken of any bruises. Get the name of the doctor and the hospital.
SAVE EVIDENCE. Take pictures of broken furniture and any bruises from the incident. Save any torn clothing.

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